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Microsoft calls this "implicit validation" because the events are fired "implicitly" by . Microsoft refers to coding a call to the Validate or Validate Children method as "explicit validation". Writeline is the fastest and easiest way to check whether that actually happens.--------Click Here to display the illustration--------There are two 'explicit' validation methods:-Validate Children Both have two overloads. The Validate Method You might think that you can trigger the execution of the Validating or Validated events by calling Validate from, for example, a Button, but you can't.

What Microsoft calls "implicit" validation is used most often. Write Line("Text Box1 Validated") End Sub Your validation code ... When Auto Validate is set to Disable, calling Validate does nothing, even though it might appear to 'work'.--------Click Here to display the illustration--------In this case, there are two ways to trigger the execution of the Validating and Validated events.

Click Here to read that article and then return to this one. For example, this might come in handy if you had a two stage validation. A call to Validate can be triggered by code elsewhere, but it still doesn't trigger the Validating and Validated events as shown below.--------Click Here to display the illustration--------The second is to call Validate from a container control where the controls that you want validated are child controls.Where would the code go to not call this validating event?Hi Eric There was a good sollution in this newsgroup from Jeffrey Tan, Someone cleaned it up.There stayed another sollution from Jeffrey, describes the problem good, but gives not such a nice sollution.After that in a good discussion wherein I was involved a Billy, Jeffrey changed his sollution to the right one.You should always use the Validating event, it was made to support validation.