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To have voted in favour of a resolution against Sri Lanka was [an] indication they felt they no longer had a defining influence over the nation," Fernando said.

Sri Lanka, whose armed forces face accusations of having committed war crimes during the final stages of the country's 1983-2009 civil war, found itself increasingly scrutinised in the international arena.

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Over the past five years, Sri Lanka's traditionally close relations with nearby India soured as the government of former president Mahindra Rajapaksa focused on strengthening ties with China in its bid for rapid economic development.

Such an attitude was beneficial to the former regime." Relations with India were damaged during the previous regime, and we are now looking to improve them.

This does not mean we will cut off ties with China.

"Then she pulled me by my hair into a storeroom with one tiny window," says Daya.

"For two days I was shut in there with no food or water.