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Queued updating subscribers

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The number of CPU`s this application needs per instance.

This number does not have to be integer, but can be a fraction.

The publish-subscribe pattern is a powerful way to decouple applications that need to communicate.

Rethink DB changefeeds allow us to implement publish-subscribe with the database acting as a message exchange.

But the strange thing is , it updates when i press f5(refresh) two times at once.You can subscribe to notifications on tables and queries with changefeeds alone, without using publish-subscribe.If you’d like to see how to implement a message queue with topics using changefeeds, read on!If the subscriber (email address) already exists, their name and any custom field values are updated with whatever is passed in.The subscriber data is then passed into a processing queue in Campaign Monitor to be added. An array of strings that represents an alternative mode of specifying the command to run.