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I adopted my first dog in the midst of a break-up...a break-up from an unhealthy relationship that I would not have had the strength for without that beautiful being.

I was embarking on a new life and in her I had a protector and confidante.

Rotonda offers three ideas for a howling good time.

Dog beaches and parks: The dog-loving Bay Area certainly isn’t lacking for dog-friendly parks and beaches.

American Registry For Internet Numbers (New York, New York) is the location of the Microsoft-IIS/7 server.

It has 2 DNS records,, and ns2.

I've lived alone for over a decade now, but it's never felt lonely with two pairs of captivating canines sharing my domicile, a house that wouldn't be a home without them.

These past two years I've been single in the most singular sense of the word.

The whole concept thus provides an almost instant, mutually appealing, and engaging topic of conversation with your Mr or Miss Right.Moreover the vast majority of reporters would have needed to see something a lot more concrete than a half-assed theoretical paper from such a dicey source before denouncing 200 news organizations as traitors.The piece referenced those 200 websites as "routine peddlers of Russian propaganda." The piece relied on what it claimed were "two teams of independent researchers," but the citing of a report by the longtime anticommunist Foreign Policy Research Institute was really window dressing.On top of calls and texts, there are constant notifications from twitter, Facebook and email just to name a few.Forget that the Post offered no information about the "Prop Or Not" group beyond that they were "a collection of researchers with foreign policy, military and technology backgrounds." Forget also that the group offered zero concrete evidence of coordination with Russian intelligence agencies, even offering this remarkable disclaimer about its analytic methods: "Please note that our criteria are behavioral.Because they have always been an integral part of my life, dogs have always inhabited the spaces around, in between, and in the absence of relationships.